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About us

XG focus on delivering 1-stop solutions for your project. Our service supports from prototypes building throughout to bulk PCBA turnkey projects.

Our Mission is to help you build project faster, better and easier to control by one window contact. Whether you are a freelancer planning to build a prototype, or a company needs optimize the cost, XG has got you covered.


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Why us

As PCB serves the base of all electronic devices, it’s all agreed that a cost effective total solution is crucial in the market competition. Apart from the bare building explicit costs, the implicit cost is also decisive.

We understand it takes a lot of time and efforts to find a matching vendor, not to mention to build an approved vendor list for different categories of your project. XG has excactly the power and resoucres to help you streamline your supply chain.

With 12+ years experience growing from a factory technician to a PCB sales and then 2-fab house owner, our CEO has fulfilled all roles one needs to understand all interests on the supply chain. And that’s why we understand our customers/vednors major concerns and has solution prepared for all possibilites.

How to do that

2 Major facilities

25 Engineers

24/7 Customer Service

As a founding member of local PCB industry committee, our team enjoys excellent policy favor while has fast access to all PCB factories you can list on map of China.

With 2 major facilities located both inland and on the coast, we provide our custsomers with most favorable prices and flexible leadtime plus other value added services. 25 Engineers working 24*7 serving our customers from all over the world.

Working with us, you don’t have to spend a lot of your time, energy and money trying to find multiple competent suppliers meeting your different PCB project needs –XG is here for that!

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